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2010 Press Releases

Browse Marler Clark press releases dating back to 1998. Topics cover a broad range of topics including announcements that lawsuits have been filed or settlements reached, and calls on food industry groups and government to improve the safety of our food supply.

Marler Clark Pledges $10,000 to International Sprout Growers Association for Safe Seed Production


Marler Clark, The Food Safety Law Firm announced today that it is pledging $10,000 to the International Sprout Growers Association (ISGA) to assist in the development of a safer method for the production of sprouts. The contribution comes on the heels of a nationwide Salmonella outbreak caused by contaminated sprouts that has sickened almost 100 people. 

Marler Clark Attorneys Call on Jimmy Johns to Eliminate Sprouts from Menu Offerings


In light of the recent Salmonella outbreak associated with sprouts, attorneys at Marler Clark are calling on Jimmy John’s restaurants to stop serving sprouts in their restaurants.

Marler Clark Donates $5,000 to Massachusetts School on Behalf of Listeria Victim


Marler Clark, The Food Safety Law Firm announced its donation of $5,000 to Medway High School in Medway Massachusetts. The money was will establish the Powers Family - Marler Clark Scholarship for students planning to pursue studies in the Sciences. The scholarship honors John Powers, a man who died of Listeria in 2008 from drinking contaminated milk.

E. coli outbreak linked to Washington-made Raw Milk Cheese


Oroville, Washington-based Artisan cheese maker Sally Jackson Cheese issued a recall today for all of its cheese products, including those made from cow, goat, and sheep milk because they may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7. Public health officials have identified the recalled cheese as the source of an E. coli O157 outbreak in Oregon, Washington, Minnesota and Vermont. All of the cheeses being recalled were made with raw milk.

Food Safety Attorney Bill Marler one of Bar Association’s Top “Blawggers”


Seattle based food safety attorney Bill Marler, managing partner of Marler Clark, the nation’s leading law firm dedicated to representing victims of foodborne illness has become one of the nation’s leading experts on food safety and an avid blogger. His legal blog is read by nearly one million people annually and this month it has been selected as one of the American Bar Association’s top 100 legal blogs.

Son Files Salmonella Lawsuit Against Peanut Butter Company after Mother’s Death


The family of Shirley Almer, a fatal victim of Salmonella, filed a lawsuit against Kanan Enterprises of Solon, Ohio, maker of King Nut peanut butter. Ms. Almer died after eating a King Nut product in December of 2008. King Nut products tested postive for Salmonella in January 2009. King Nut was one of hundreds of companies that recalled products made with Salmonella-contaminated peanuts purchased from the now defunct PCA.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention attributed 714 cases of illness and 9 deaths to PCA products.

$10,000 Scholarship Donated on Behalf of Florida E. coli Victim


West Broward High School students interested in science have new incentive to pursue higher education.  Marler Clark, the Seattle-based food safety law firm, announced a donation of $10,000 to the newly established Marler Clark – Samantha Safranek Scholarship Fund on November 22, 2010.

Seattle Law Firm Files Two New E. coli Lawsuits Against Bravo Farms


Marler Clark filed two new lawsuits against Bravo Farms Cheeses, LLC, the company whose Gouda cheese was identified as the source of an E. coli O157:H7 outbreak among Costco patrons in the southwestern United States in late October and early November.  The lawsuits were filed on behalf of a woman and the family of a young child from Phoenix, Arizona.

Man Infected with E. coli After Drinking Apple Cider Files Suit


Marler Clark filed an E. coli lawsuit against Baugher’s Orchard and Farm of Westminster, Maryland, the farm whose unpasteurized apple cider was the source of an E. coli O157:H7 outbreak among Maryland residents in October, 2010.  The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Baltimore resident who became ill with an E. coli infection after consuming the apple cider.

Marler Clark Sues Cheese Maker on Behalf of E. coli Victim


The Marler Clark food safety law firm filed an E. coli O157:H7 lawsuit against Bravo Farms Cheese, LLC on behalf of an Arizona victim of the E. coli outbreak traced to the cheese manufacturer’s Gouda cheese that was sold at Costco stores and sampled at the Costco “cheese road show” held at Costco warehouses in the southwestern United States.

Marler Clark Attorney Calls on Cheese Maker to Pay E. coli Victims’ Medical Bills


Marler Clark attorney Colin Caywood called on Bravo Farms, the company that makes Dutch Style Gouda cheese that is believed to be the source of an E. coli O157:H7 outbreak among 25 people in 5 states, to pay medical bills for victims of the E. coli outbreak. 

Marler Clark Donates $25,000 to Rock Island-Milan Education Foundation for Science Scholarship


A new scholarship is being offered to students at Rock Island High School who are interested in pursuing a college degree in a science field. Seattle-based food safety law firm Marler Clark made a $25,000 contribution to the Rock Island-Milan Education Foundation in October to foster student interest in a career in science.

Marler Clark Sues Iowa Egg Producer on Behalf of Texas Salmonella Victim


Wright County Egg, is facing another lawsuit from a Salmonella outbreak victim.  The latest lawsuit was filed by the Seattle-based food safety law firm Marler Clark in Federal District Court in Iowa today on behalf of Brookshire, Texas resident Jim Bussey.

Marler Clark Offers A Way for Egg Companies to Express Their Sorrow


At the Congressional Hearing into the Salmonella Egg outbreak, the owners of Wright County Egg expressed their sorrow for the thousands of Salmonella illnesses tied to their products.  They met with victims and said they had been praying for the recovery of those sickened.  Food safety attorney Bill Marler offers a tangible way for the egg companies to express their sorrow.

Punitive Damages Added to Salmonella Egg Lawsuits


Food safety law firm Marler Clark today added punitive damages to their lawsuits against Quality Egg/Wright County Egg, which produced the majority of the Salmonella-tainted eggs responsible for a nationwide outbreak.  The lawsuits were amended after actions by the company’s owners, the DeCoster family, were brought to light during the hearing on the outbreak held by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.  The amended lawsuits were filed by Marler Clark and Wandro, Baer, and McCarthy.

S. 510: The Loss of A Unique Opportunity to Improve Food Safety


Reports from Washington indicate that the Food Safety Modernization Act (S. 510) will not come up for a vote in the Senate this session, rendering it effectively dead. 

Food Safety Attorney Seeks Entrance to Contaminated Egg Farm


Food safety attorney Bill Marler today petitioned the court for entrance to an Iowa egg farm responsible for the massive egg recall and nationwide outbreak of Salmonella. 

Settlements Approved for Victims of Peanut Butter Salmonella Outbreak


Settlements for victims of the 2008 peanut butter Salmonella outbreak were approved today by the United States District County for the Western District of Virginia, Lynchburg Division.  The settlements had been under consideration by the court in an insurance payout.  Peanut Corporation of America, which produced and shipped the tainted peanut products, filed for bankruptcy in February 2009.

Salmonella Egg Lawsuit Filed by Marler Clark


A food poisoning lawsuit was filed today in the enormous egg recall and Salmonella outbreak tied to two Iowa egg farms.  The lawsuit was filed against Quality Egg (doing business as Wright County Egg) in the Northern District Court of Iowa, Western Division just as the FDA released its report on Wright County Egg and Hillandale Farms.  Food safety law firm Marler Clark and Wandro, Baer, and McCarthy filed the suit on behalf of a woman sickened in the outbreak.

Bill Marler: E. coli O26 Outbreak and Recall Illustrate Urgent Need for Change


The recent outbreak of E. coli O26 linked to three illnesses and the recall of four tons of ground beef products produced by Cargill Meat Solutions is the precise reason these pathogens need to be monitored, says Seattle food safety attorney Bill Marler. 

Marler Clark Files Salmonella Egg Lawsuit in Iowa


The massive egg recall and Salmonella outbreak has resulted in a third lawsuit filed by food safety law firm Marler Clark and by Wandro, Baer, and McCarthy.  The suit was filed against Quality Egg (doing business as Wright County Egg) in the Northern District Court of Iowa, Western Division, on behalf of a Massachusetts minor sickened at a North Carolina restaurant.

First Lawsuit in Salmonella Egg Outbreak Filed by Marler Clark


An outbreak of Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) at a restaurant in Kenosha, Wisconsin has been linked to the recall of 380 million eggs and nearly 300 illnesses in the rapidly widening nationwide outbreak tied to Wright County Egg company.  A lawsuit originally filed in the Kenosha County Branch of the Wisconsin District Court against the restaurant was filed in amended form to include Wright County Egg by Seattle-based food safety law firm Marler Clark.

Salmonella Lawsuit Filed by Marler Clark on Behalf of Ohio Victim of Taco Bell Salmonella Outbreaks


An Ohio victim of the Salmonella outbreaks linked to Taco Bell filed a food poisoning lawsuit in the Court of Common Pleas of Scioto County, Ohio today.  The lawsuit was filed against the food chain parent company Yum! Brands on behalf of a Scioto county resident by Bill Marler of food safety law firm Marler Clark and by Fred Wendel of the Columbus firm Stewart & DeChant.

Marler Clark Files First Salmonella Lawsuit in Outbreaks Linked to Taco Bell


The first Salmonella lawsuit has been filed in the pair of Salmonella outbreaks that has sickened 155 people in 21 states.  The lawsuit was filed against Yum! Brands (the parent company of Taco Bell) in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Franklin County Circuit Court.  The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Scott county resident by food safety law firm Marler Clark.

Food Poisoning Lawsuit Filed Against Wedding Caterer


A food poisoning lawsuit was filed today against Di Nolfo’s Banquet Inn and Catering Service after a wedding guest fell seriously ill from contaminated food. Drew Falkenstein of food safety law firm Marler Clark and Gary A. Newland of Newland, Newland and Newland in Arlington Heights filed the lawsuit on behalf of Griffith resident Anita Fowler.

Salmonella Lawsuit Filed Against Kenosha Restaurant


An outbreak of Salmonella that sickened 30 patrons of a restaurant in Kenosha has resulted in a lawsuit filed today.  The Salmonella lawsuit was filed against L & K Tricoli LLC (doing business as Baker Street Restaurant and Pub) in the Kenosha County Branch of the Wisconsin District Court.  The complaint was filed on behalf of Tanja Dzinovic by food safety law firm Marler Cl

The Battle of Over Raw Milk Heats Up


Food Safety Advocate Bill Marler educates the public about the potentially deadly risks of drinking raw milk

Marler Clark Files Second Salmonella Lawsuit In Marie Callender’s Outbreak


A second lawsuit was filed in Oregon District Court today against food giant ConAgra.  The lawsuit arises from the nationwide Salmonella outbreak linked to the Marie Callender’s brand frozen Cheesy Chicken and Rice dinners.  Food safety law firm Marler Clark filed the lawsuit on behalf of Oregon resident Kevin Taylor, Jr.

Marler Clark Files Salmonella Lawsuit for Man Sickened by Marie Callender’s Frozen Meal


The first lawsuit was filed this week in the outbreak of Salmonella linked to Marie Callender’s Frozen Cheesy Chicken and Rice dinners.  Attorneys at Marler Clark, the Seattle-based food safety law firm, filed the Salmonella lawsuit in Oregon District Court on behalf of Clackamas County resident Dave Smith.

Illinois Woman Sickened in Subway Salmonella Outbreak Files Lawsuit


A Salmonella lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Will county, Illinois resident, who became infected with Salmonella after eating at a Subway restaurant.

Salmonella Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Casa Lopez Patron


A young man infected with Salmonella at the Athens, OH Casa Lopez restaurant filed a Salmonella lawsuit today.  He was one of many sickened in the outbreak.

Fighting for Food Safety: Bill Marler’s Personal Quest


Food Safety Advocate funds study to prove potentially deadly effects of non-recognized pathogens in meat supply; USDA slow to react

Sprouts and Foodborne Illness Have a Long History, Says Marler Clark Food Safety Expert


California-based Caldwell Fresh Foods has recalled raw alfalfa sprouts distributed to retail locations in at least 19 states due to contamination by Salmonella Newport.  23 people have been infected in the outbreak from 10 states, including a Multnomah County, Oregon baby boy who had to be hospitalized for treatment.  At least 5 other outbreak cases required hospitalization as well.

Saratoga Springs Resident Sickened in Water Outbreak Files Notice of Claim


A Notice of Claim was mailed to the City Manager of Saratoga Springs today, on behalf of a victim of the recent Campylobacter outbreak linked to the city’s drinking water supply.  Mrs. Niki Diaz is the claimant, and is represented by Drew Falkenstein of the Seattle-based outbreak law firm Marler Clark, Jared Faerber of the Faerber Law Firm, and Dustin Lance of the Lance Firm. Today’s filing gives the City and its public works department official notice that Mrs. Diaz, through her attorneys, intends to take legal action for the injuries that she suffered.

Stephanie Smith and Cargill Meat Solutions Settle E. coli Lawsuit


In a joint press release, Marler Clark and Cargill Meat Solutions announce that they have settled the E. coli lawsuit filed on behalf of Stephanie Smith, the Minnesota dance instructor who was partially paralyzed by E. coli.

Marler Clark Launches Updated Website on E. coli O145 Complication - Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS)


An outbreak of E. coli O145 in three states has hospitalized 12, three of whom have developed hemolytic Uremic syndrome (HUS), a severe complication of E. coli infection.  Victims in Michigan, Ohio, and New York are ill with E. coli O145, which has been linked to a recall of tainted lettuce by Freshway Foods.  HUS is a complex and life-threatening illness, and Marler Clark’s newly updated informational website contains valuable information for consumers and media.

Freshway Foods Lettuce Recalled for E. coli O145 Contamination; E. coli O145 Outbreak Tops 60


An outbreak of E. coli O145 that has sickened over 60 people in three states appears to be due to contaminated romaine lettuce from Freshway Foods. Sidney-based Freshway is recalling lettuce products that were distributed to wholesale, food service, and salad bar outlets.  The FDA press release lists all recalled items, which are branded under the Freshway and Imperial Sysco names.

E. coli Outbreaks Linked to Leafy Greens on the Rise


As health authorities in three states work with the CDC to determine the source of the E. coli O145 outbreak in Michigan, Ohio, and New York, a new outbreak database shows that E. coli outbreaks are not just sourced to meat. Seeks to Bring Science to the Raw Milk Debate


RealRawMilkFacts enters the raw milk fray with unbiased, evidence-based information for consumers.

Suspected E. coli Illnesses in Washtenaw County, MI Spur Public Health Warnings


Ten illnesses in Washtenaw County, Michigan, appear to be E. coli infections, although the county is awaiting final test results. The Washtenaw Public Health Department is urging anyone with symptoms of E. coli infection to contact the health department while it investigates the possible source.

Marler Clark Clients Speak to Senators about Foodborne Illness


Marler Clark clients traveled to DC to talk to Senators about their experiences with foodborne illness and urge the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act (S510).

Marler Calls for Criminal Prosecution of Manufacturers Who Knowingly Sell Contaminated Food


Bill Marler calls for enforcement of the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act, under which manufacturers who knowingly distribute tainted food products are subject to criminal prosecution.

Salmonella Death in California Leads to Lawsuit Filed by Marler Clark


A lawsuit was filed in California on behalf of a woman who lost her life to a Salmonella infection contracted from pepper produced by Union International Foods.  There is currently a separate outbreak linked to red and black pepper in Daniele International salami meat products.

Survivor of Fairbank Farms E. coli Outbreak Files Lawsuit in Maine


A woman severely sickened in a 2009 outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 in ground beef filed a lawsuit today against Ashville, NY-based Fairbank Reconstruction Corporation, doing business as Fairbank Farms Inc., which produced the tainted meat.  The lawsuit was filed in the Maine District Court by the plaintiff’s attorneys, Bill Marler of foodborne illness law firm Marler Clark, and Peter Felmley of the Portland firm Drummond, Woodsum, & MacMahon. 

Chicago Man Sickened by Salmonella Pepper Salami Files Lawsuit


A lawsuit was filed today against Daniele International Inc. in an ongoing nationwide outbreak of Salmonella linked to pepper salami.  The lawsuit also names Wholesome Spice and Mincing Overseas Trading Company, both of which have been linked to the salmonella-tainted pepper believed to be the source of the outbreak.  The lawsuit was filed by in Cook County on behalf of a Chicago man by Marler Clark, the Seattle-based food safety law firm, and by Gary Newland of Illinois firm Newland, Newland, & Newland.

Salmonella Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Pepper Salami Victim by Marler Clark


CAMDENTON, MO: A second victim of the nationwide outbreak of Salmonella linked to pepper in salami meats has come forward to file a lawsuit against Daniele International Inc., which produced the recalled salami, and against Wholesome Spice, which supplied the tainted pepper.  The CDC reports that currently 203 are confirmed ill in 42 states, with the actual total likely much higher. 

Food Safety Attorney William Marler Calls for FSIS to Label Mechanically Tenderized Steaks


Safe food attorney Bill Marler has called for the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) to label meats that have undergone mechanical tenderization.  The controversial process has been linked to numerous outbreaks of the dangerous pathogen E. coli O157:H7, yet there is currently no disclosure required.

Marler Clark Files First E. coli Lawsuit Against National Steak and Poultry


The first E. coli lawsuit against National Steak and Poultry (NSP), an Oklahoma meat manufacturing facility, was filed today in the Third Judicial District Court in Salt Lake City.  The civil suit was filed by Marler Clark and by Utah attorneys Jared Faerber and Dustin Lance on behalf of a child sickened in the E. coli O157:H7 outbreak linked to NSP beef products.  The lawsuit also names as yet unidentified “John Doe” companies that may have been involved in distributing the tainted meat products.

Multi-party E. coli Lawsuit Filed Against Ixtapa Restaurant


Everett, WA Seventeen people who were severely sickened in a 2008 E. coli outbreak at Ixtapa Family Mexican Restaurant (doing business as Ixtapa Barajas, Inc.) in Snohomish, Washington filed suit today. The lawsuit was filed by Drew Falkenstein and brings to 25 the number of victims that Seattle-based foodborne illness law firm Marler Clark has sought compensation for. 

Marler Clark Peanut Corporation of America Clients Urge Prosecution of PCA President Steward Parnell


Over a year after the outbreak of Salmonella in peanut butter that sickened hundreds and caused the deaths of at least nine, criminal prosecution of the responsible parties has yet to begin.  Marler Clark, who represents more than 45 of the Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) victims, is assisting them in an effort to hold PCA president Stewart Parnell accountable for his actions.  Some of the victims spoke this week about Parnell and PCA.

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