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2000 Press Releases

Browse Marler Clark press releases dating back to 1998. Topics cover a broad range of topics including announcements that lawsuits have been filed or settlements reached, and calls on food industry groups and government to improve the safety of our food supply.

E. coli-stricken Navy family files lawsuit against meat packer


A young Navy family represented by Marler Clark filed a lawsuit against the AFG, a Wisconsin meat supplier, for making them sick after they ate E. coli-tainted meat purchased from a Cub Foods store in Waukegan, IL. The suit was filed in Federal District Court in Wisconsin.

Recalls of Tainted Meat Not Working, Attorney Says


Bill Marler called on the USDA to implement a new, more efficient, recall process for contaminated ground beef and other meat products.

American Food Group Should Pay E. coli Victims’ Medical Bills


Bill Marler called on American Foods Groups, Inc., the Green Bay, Wisconsin meat supplier implicated in a Minnesota E. coli outbreak, to pay medical bills of those in the upper Midwest who were stricken with E. coli infections, saying, “American Foods should do the responsible thing for those already injured, and for others across the Upper Midwest who may yet become ill from hamburger purchased at Cub Foods, and other Supervalu stores in the region.”

Carl’s Jr. February 2000 Hepatitis A Outbreak Class Action


All those who were exposed to hepatitis A during the February 2000 outbreak and who received the immuno globulin (IG) treatment to guard against infection as a result, were to contact Marler Clark regarding the class action lawsuit. Attorneys asked individuals to not contact the Carl’s Jr. outlet directly, nor Carl Karcher Enterprises, as they were not in a position to handle inquiries.

Seattle Law Firm Obtains $1.4 Million Settlement on Behalf of Salmonella Outbreak Victims


Marler Clark announced that it obtained a $1.4 million settlement on behalf of 55 persons who were infected with Salmonella Muenchen after drinking orange juice contaminated with the bacteria. The juice was manufactured by Arizona-based Sun Orchard, Inc.

Lawsuit seeks damages for Maryland Shore hepatitis A victims


A resident of Sellersville, Pennsylvania, filed a lawsuit against Catamarans Restaurant on Solomons Island, after she was infected with hepatitis A during the August 2000 outbreak in Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties in Maryland. The spread of the hepatitis A virus was linked to an employee of that restaurant. At least 24 people were confirmed victims infected with the virus during the outbreak.

Second E. coli Lawsuit Filed Against Wendy’s


The parents of a 14-year old boy from Salem, Oregon, filed the second lawsuit against the Wendy’s restaurant located at 2375 Commercial Street in Salem. The lawsuit claims that Wendy’s was liable for injuries and damages that the boy sustained as one of the victims of the E. coli O157:H7 outbreak linked to two Wendy’s restaurants.

E. coli Lawsuit Filed Against Wendy’s


An 85-year old Salem resident filed a lawsuit against the Wendy’s restaurant located at 2375 Commercial Street in Salem, Oregon. He was one of at least sixty people who became ill with symptoms of E. coli O157:H7 infection after eating at the Wendy’s restaurant.

Attorney Calls on Wendy’s to Pay all Victims’ Medical Bills


William Marler called on Wendy’s corporate leaders “to do the right thing and immediately pay all the victim’s medical bills related to E. coli illnesses caused by its Salem franchise.”

Same Meat Supplier Reportedly Implicated in 1993 and 2000 Sizzler Outbreaks


Marler Clark amended one complaint filed against Sizzler USA to allege that Excel Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Cargill Corporation, was the manufacturer of the contaminated meat that was the cause of the outbreak that has sickened 62 people and killed one child. “We understand that the CDC’s investigation has concluded that Excel, the same company that supplied meat to Sizzler in 1993, has been identified as the source of the contaminated beef that is believed to have been the source of the bacteria that caused the Milwaukee E. coli outbreak,” explained William Marler.

Lawsuit Seeks Damages for Daughter Infected with E. coli Bacteria While Caring for Sick Mother


Marler Clark and a Milwaukee, Wisconsin, law firm filed damage claims on behalf of a Milwaukee woman who was infected with the E. coli bacteria while caring for her elderly mother. The mother was hospitalized with an E. coli infection after eating contaminated food at the Sizzler located at 975 West Layton Avenue, in Milwaukee.

Seattle Law Firm Obtains $1.06 Million Settlement on Behalf of Hepatitis Outbreak Victims


Marler Clark, announced that it had obtained a $1.06 million settlement on behalf of 29 persons who claim to have been infected with the Hepatitis A virus as a result of eating contaminated food at two local Subway Sandwich franchises. “This is truly a superior result,” said Denis Stearns, a partner at the Marler Clark law firm.

Marler Clark Serves 29 Lawsuits Against Senor Felix


Marler Clark served 29 separate lawsuits today against Senor Felix, a California corporation implicated in the January 2000 recall of bean dip contaminated with the Shigella bacteria.

A Second Lawsuit Filed Against Sizzler by Local Law firm


A lawsuit filed by Marler Clark claims that Sizzler is liable for the injuries and damages that sickened over 50 people and left one child dead. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a woman who ate at the Sizzler located 975 West Layton Avenue, in Milwaukee, and consumed several items from the salad bar that health officials suspect were contaminated with the deadly E. coli O157:H7 bacteria.

Lawsuit filed against Sizzler on behalf of injured Milwaukee Man


Marler Clark filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Milwaukee resident against the E. B. Management Company, the owner and operator of the Sizzler rstaurant implicated in an E. coli outbreak that sickened at least 40 people and left one child dead.

Local law firm teams with nationally known foodsafety advocates to investigate Sizzler E. coli outbr


Marler Clark and Fox, O’Neill, and Shannon of Milwaukee, investigated the E. coli outbreak linked to the Sizzler franchise restaurant in Milwaukee owned by Eschenbach-Boysa Management, and the legal responsibility of Sizzler International, Inc., for its role in the outbreak that sickened dozens and left one child dead.

Foodborne illness attorney offers Milwaukee “Top Ten Tips” for dining out during an E. coli outbreak


Bill Marler, who represented the most severely injured victims of the largest and deadliest E. coli outbreak in U.S. history in 1993, developed ten tips for dining out more safely during an E. coli O157:H7 outbreak in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Food Safety Attorney Praises USDA New Stricter Standards for School Meat


Two months after he called for increased efforts to prevent food poisoning in the National School Lunch Program, Bill Marler praised the United States Department of Agriculture’s announcement that it would require more stringent testing for school lunches, but said, “More must be done to protect those most vulnerable to E. coli O157:H7 and other deadly pathogens. I believe that the safety records of all meat production plants should be public so all parents know where their schools are getting the meat served to children.”

Outbreaks of E. coli Should Not Occur in Municipal Water


Americans relying on rural and small municipal water systems are just as likely to become victims of the deadly E coli bacteria as are Canadians like those in Walkerton, Ontario, said Seattle attorney, William Marler .

Lawsuit Filed by Woman Sickened in Second E. coli Outbreak linked to KFC


Marler Clark announced the filing of a lawsuit in Federal Court on behalf of an Ohio resident who became infected with the deadly E. coli O157:H7 bacteria after consuming coleslaw at a Cincinnati, Ohio KFC in July 1999.

Food Safety Advocates Call on Industry to Vaccinate All Food Handlers Against Hepatitis A


In light of a large-scale Hepatitis A exposure in the San Francisco Bay Area, food safety attorneys of the Seattle-based law firm of Marler Clark, asked restaurants and food manufacturers to voluntarily vaccinate all workers against Hepatitis A.

Marler Clark Files Claim Against Juice Maker


Marler Clark announced the filing of a claim on behalf of a Huntington Beach, California resident, against Glendora, California-based California Day-Fresh Foods. Ms. Kabana became infected with Salmonella after consuming orange juice contaminated with the bacteria.

Marler Clark calls on FDA to Require Sprout Labeling


Bill Marler suggested labeling all sprouts with the message: WARNING: This product may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.

Food illness Attorney Calls for FDA to Ban Unpasteurized Juices


In light of the recall of unpastuerized juice by its California manufacturer, Bill Marler called on the FDA to completely ban the sale of all unpasteurized juices. “It is simply outrageous that after all we’ve learned about the importance of pasteurizing fruit juice, especially after the Odwalla and Sun Orchard outbreaks, we still have companies selling unpasteurized juices, and the government allowing it. This must stop,” said Marler.

Minnesota School Hit by Deadly E. coli Bacteria


Bill Marler, who has represented some of the most seriously injured victims of foodborne illness in the United States, said parents, like those at Risen Christ Catholic School in Minneapolis, must demand to know where the food served to their children in school lunches comes from.

Marler Clark Amends Class Action Against Carl’s Jr. To Add Named Plaintiff Who Received Injection


The class action lawsuit filed in Spokane County Superior Court against Carl’s Jr. was amended to add a named plaintiff who was required to receive an Immune Globulin (IG) shot after he ate a sandwich purchased at the restaurant.

Marler Clark Files Class Action Against Carl’s Jr. Franchise on Behalf of Hepatitis A Victims


A class action lawsuit was filed in Spokane County Superior Court against a Carl’s Jr. hamburger franchise implicated in a Hepatitis A outbreak in the Spokane area in late January 2000.

Shigella Illnesses Tied to Dip Rise—More Join Class


Data released from the Washington State Department of Health confirmed that over 160 people in Washington State were sickened by Shigella-contaminated dip. Other States are also showed increases of reported cases. Over 30 of these people joined a class action lawsuitagainst Senor Felix Gourmet Mexican Foods.

Marler Clark Files Class Action Lawsuit


A class action lawsuit was filed in King County Superior Court against Senor Felix Gourmet Mexican Foods, a California Corporation implicated in a Shigella outbreak. The named plaintiffs were from Port Townsend, Washington.

Shigella Fact Sheet


Shigella is a bacterium that can cause sudden and severe diarrhea (gastroenteritis) in humans. Shigellosis is the name of the disease that Shigella causes. The illness is also known as “bacillary dysentery.”

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