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1999 Press Releases

Browse Marler Clark press releases dating back to 1998. Topics cover a broad range of topics including announcements that lawsuits have been filed or settlements reached, and calls on food industry groups and government to improve the safety of our food supply.

McDonald’s Franchise Faces Claims from Hepatitis A Victims


Marler Clark, a Seattle law firm with a long track record of successful lawsuits against food companies, filed a lawsuit today against McDonald’s in Skagit County Superior Court on behalf a woman who was sickened along with several other people with Hepatitis A from eating at the McDonalds restaurant on Riverside Drive in Mount Vernon, Washington.

Lawsuit Settled Against Meat Company On Behalf of Boy Sickened by E. coli Tainted School Hamburger


The boy whose illness led to last year’s recall of hamburger sent to schools, military posts, and prisons in the South has settled with the insurer of Bauer Meat Company of Ocala, Florida for an undisclosed amount.

Subway Franchise Faces Claims from Over Thirty-One Hepatitis A Victims


A Class Action Lawsuit was filed in King County Superior Court against the two Seattle Subway sandwich shops implicated in a Hepatitis A outbreak.

FDA Should Investigate Why Sun Orchard was Allowed to Import Unpasteurized Juice, Attorney Says


The FDA found Salmonella in a tanker load of orange juice attempting to cross into the United States from Mexico after Salmonella was implicated in the Sun Orchard poisonings.

Lawsuit Filed by Children Poisoned by E. coli in School Lunch


A school district and its beef supplier were sued in Benton County Superior Court by eight children who became ill last October after eating taco meat served in a school lunch program. The children became infected with E. coli after eating under-cooked, contaminated ground beef.

Sun Orchard Faces Claims from Over Seventy-Five Salmonella Victims—Several have been Hospitalized


Since the filing of a nationwide class action last week, over seventy-five people sickened by Sun Orchard unpasteurized orange juice joined the lawsuit. The individuals were from Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Texas and Iowa.

Class Action Lawsuit Filed in Salmonella Cases by Marler Clark


Marler Clark filed a nationwide class action lawsuit on behalf of all persons sickened and injured by unpasteurized orange juice contaminated with a rare strain of the Salmonella bacteria. The contaminated juice was manufactured by Sun Orchard, which is based in Tempe, Arizona.

Lawsuit filed in Salmonella cases by Marler Clark


Marler Clark filed a lawsuit on behalf of a five-year-old child who was sickened by sprouts containing Salmonella Mbandaka bacteria. Hydro Harvest Ltd., of Brush Prairie, Washington manufactured the contaminated sprouts.

Complaint Filed Against Albertson’s, Inc. - Meat Tainted with E. coli O157:H7


A complaint was filed against Albertson’s, Inc. on behalf of a Mt. Vernon, Washington, family. The complaint claimed that meat purchased at the Mt. Vernon Albertson’s on July 18, 1998 was contaminated with the E. coli O157:H7 bacterium.

Backgrounder: Unpasteurized Juice


On August 28, 1997, the FDA published a notice of intent that would require all unpasteurized or untreated juices to be labeled with a warning statement. Marler Clark again warned consumers about the dangers of consuming unpasteurized juices.

Lawsuit filed today against Golden Corral Restaurant


A lawsuit was filed against Golden Corral ® restaurants on behalf of Melissa and Chad Hodgson of Kearney, Nebraska by their attorneys Marler Clark of Seattle, Washington and Nancy Freburg of Kearney.

Class Action Lawsuit Filed in Washington State Accuses Nationwide of Unfair and Deceptive Practices


A lawsuit accused Nationwide of “an unlawful and deceptive scheme” in which it threatened uninsured motorists with license suspension while pretending to collect money on behalf of injured persons insured by Nationwide under UIM policies.

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