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Vehicle Accidents

At Marler Clark we handle automobile, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, and bus accidents whether they involve severe injury, death, or more modest injuries. Many of these cases require significant resources to show how the accident occurred and the damages that resulted from it. All such cases require careful work with medical providers and the willingness to stand up to large insurance companies. The attorneys at Marler Clark have vast experience in securing the best result possible. We are dedicated to providing great care in our representation and good communications with our clients.

Leigh L. - Bike Accident Litigation

In 2001, Leigh L was a 28 year-old competitive tri-athlete working toward a Ph.D. in industrial psychology when a collision with a car while bike riding derailed her life. On a pleasant Seattle afternoon, Leigh was training with a friend when a young inattentive driver made a left turn directly in front of her on a residential street. Though the impact occurred at relatively low speed, Leigh’s helmeted head still left a dent in the SUV’s frame. The impact threw Leigh off her bike and onto the pavement where she lost consciousness for several minutes. Evaluated at Harborview medical Center, Leigh was released the same day with a diagnosis of a concussion and a shoulder injury of undetermined severity.

Union Pacific Railroad Accident Litigation

At the time of her accident, JoAnn Beffert was an energetic and hard working supervisor at a railway cargo terminal. In February 2001, Ms. Beffert was parked in her pick-up truck in the Seattle Union Pacific railroad yard, waiting to give a co-worker a lift. Suddenly, a wheel on a 175,000 pound “piggy packer” crane, a crane used to load and unload containers off railroad cars, broke through a concrete lid on the yard surface, causing the crane to tip over. The crane crashed onto its left side, landing squarely on the pick-up truck, and crushing it. The dashboard of the truck pinned down Ms. Beffert’s legs, and she was unable to move. It took over four hours, and two attempts by the rescuers at the scene with another heavy duty crane, before the fallen crane was lifted up enough to extract Ms. Beffert from the wreckage.

Miller vs. Pilchuck Contractors

In November, 1999, Martin Miller was employed as a full-time commercial truck driver for a local trucking company, a job he had been doing for about twenty years. On November 16, 1999, Mr. Miller was assigned to deliver a load of plastic pipe to a construction site. At the site, while he was on one side of the truck, loosing a strap holding down the load, an employee of a contractor at the site volunteered to help, and, without letting Mr. Miller know, loosened the straps on the other side of the truck and of the load. The plastic pipe now had nothing to hold it in place, and the pipe rolled off the truck, striking Mr. Miller on the head. He lost consciousness for a minute, and suffered head wounds. Once he was taken to the hospital, he was diagnosed with scalp lacerations, a closed head injury, and cervical strain.

Wyman v. Berg, Detter

Ruby Wyman was an elderly woman in excellent health when she went shopping with her sister in April, 2002. Her sister was driving, and Ms. Wyman was the passenger. While proceeding westbound through a controlled intersection, a car driven at full speed southbound through the same intersection collided with the car occupied by Ms. Wyman, crashing into the front passenger side where she was sitting. Ms. Wyman had to be extricated from the car.

Robin R. - Bike Accident Litigation

Robin R. was an athletic wife and mother of three when an inattentive driver sent her to the hospital. Although Robin was a careful rider always on the lookout for motor vehicles, she could do nothing when an elderly motorist made a left turn directly in front of her while she was cycling near her home. Thrown from her bike, Robin was taken to Seattle’s Swedish hospital where x-rays revealed that her pelvis was fractured in three places. She also had a separated shoulder and numerous abrasions. While her fractured pelvis did not require surgery, it was exquisitely painful and required her to be immobilized in her hospital bed for nearly a week.

Miller v. CDS Lines

In September 1999, 45-year-old Michael Miller had just completed truck driving school with his son, and they had purchased a tractor-trailer truck which they intended to drive together. The Millers had been driving for about a month when they were rear-ended on the freeway while driving a load through Nebraska. Another truck driver had fallen asleep in a truck behind them, and that vehicle sped forward at a high rate of speed, crashing into the back of the Miller truck. The impact was tremendous with the significant whiplash effect made worse by Mr. Miller’s seat belt straps.

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