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Consistent with the Northwest’s seagoing heritage, the attorneys at Marler Clark have experience fighting on behalf of injured seamen, fisherman, sailors, and longshoremen. Our maritime practice includes aspects of maritime and admiralty law, including Jones Act claims and maintenance and cure. We have represented individuals from several northwestern states.

Linda F. v. United States Navy

Marler Clark represented a Seattle woman in her claim against the U.S. Navy, which arose out of permanent injuries she suffered as a civilian on a Naval vessel. Linda F. had been invited as a passenger on a small Naval ship as part of the festivities associated with the “Tall Ships” festival in Seattle during the summer of 2002. While piloting the boat in Ellliot Bay, a Naval officer failed to account for a wake as the boat traveled at high speed. The resulting jolt tossed Linda to the deck. Linda suffered a “lis franc” fracture to her foot, necessitating the surgical placement of pins in the foot. The injury left Linda permanently partially disabled, and in life-long nerve pain. Marler Clark filed suit against the US Navy in Federal District Court in Seattle. The case was settled in January, 2005 for $400,000.

Banguot v. American Seafoods

Marler Clark obtained a $225,000 settlement on behalf of Thichiot Banguot, a Sudanese immigrant who suffered a frostbite injury aboard the Ocean Rover, an American Seafoods fishing vessel. Mr. Banguot’s left index through small fingers became frostbitten, requiring amputation of his fingertips, after the vessel’s freezer supervisor permitted Mr. Banguot to work inside the Ocean Rover’s freezer hold wearing only thin glove liners.

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