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Defective Products

Marler Clark has represented thousands of individuals and the families of individuals who were injured or killed by defective or unsafe products in products liability claims. The firm has litigated products liability cases, mostly cases involving defective or unsafe food products, in over 35 states. The Defective Products page of the Marler Clark Web site features some of our more interesting defective products cases.

Dominguez v. Lamppost Pizza and Draft Beer Maintenance Company

Marler Clark represented Steven Dominguez and his family against Draft Beer after Mr. Dominguez was served a toxic sample of beer at the Lamppost Pizza restaurant in Huntington Beach, California. Mr. Dominguez drank the sample, and suffered severe caustic injuries to the esophagus and stomach. He was hospitalized for 18 days and continued to suffer from his injuries for months after he was released.

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