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Wrongful Death

A "wrongful death" occurs when a person is killed due to the negligence or misconduct of another individual, company or entity. Every state has a civil "wrongful death statute," or set of statutes, which establish the procedures for bringing wrongful death actions. A suit for wrongful death may only be brought by the personal representative of the deceased person’s estate on behalf of the statutory beneficiaries, and the most common beneficiaries are surviving spouses and children, and sometimes parents.

Schuerhoff v. Schrader, et al.

In January, 1996, 17-year-old Michael Scheurhoff was pushed to his death from an abandoned railroad trestle in Bothell, Washington.  In criminal proceedings, Steven Garza, Benjamin Drake, and Lawrence Edinger were acquitted on manslaughter charges. Tyler Wheaton pleaded guilty to rendering criminal assistance, and Brian Schrader was sentenced to 20 years in prison for pushing Michael from the tresle.

Maple Lawn Dairy Hepatitis A Litigation

In early October, 2004, a number of hepatitis A cases were linked to consumption of food from the Maple Lawn Dairy Family Restaurant in Elmira, New York. Food contaminated by an ill food handler working at the Maple Lawn Dairy was determined to be the source of infection.

Louth v. King County

In August, 1994, William Louth and Jorge Turincio were beginning the fifth straight day of a 12-hour, late-night shift repairing loose tiles on the Kingdome ceiling when a crane bucket lifting them inside the Kingdome hit the ceiling. Louth and Turincio plunged 250 feet to the Kingdome floor. Both men died.

Karl Ehmer E. coli O157:H7 Litigation

A 20-month-old New Jersey boy died of E. coli poisoning in August, 2000, ten days after eating barbecued ground beef purchased at Karl Ehmer Meats in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey. Marler Clark represented the family, who was also sickened by the outbreak, but recovered.

ConAgra E. coli O157:H7 Litigation

In the summer of 2002, an E. coli O157:H7 outbreak was traced to ground beef produced at the ConAgra meat-packing plant in Greeley Colorado. ConAgra recalled over 18 million pounds of ground beef, but at least 46 people became ill with E. coli infections as part of this outbreak, and one woman died.

Evergreen Milton-Freewater Rehabilitation Center Litigation

Marler Clark filed a lawsuit against the Evergreen Milton-Freewater Rehabilitation Center on behalf of the family of an elderly resident who suffered debilitating injuries in the rehabilitation center. Both of Naomi W.’s legs were fractured when an Evergreen employee who was transferring her from her bed to a chair let her fall to the floor. Following the fall, the employee did not seek medical attention for Naomi, but instead placed her back in her bed. Evergreen employees did not seek medical attention for Naomi for two days following the incident.

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