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Salmonella outbreak traced to Manhattan Beach Restaurant

Manhattan Beach—Los Angeles County Health Department officials have traced a Salmonella outbreak to The Kettle restaurant located at 1138 Highland Avenue. Officials have not released information indicating the number of people made ill in the outbreak, but stressed that those who ate at the restaurant between February 25 and March 5 and have experienced symptoms of Salmonella infection should contact a health care provider and the public health department. Officials said that Salmonella bacteria may have spread by misuse of a slicer in the restaurant, and foods may not have been cooked to high enough temperatures to kill Salmonella due to use of a broken oven thermometer. 

Denis Stearns, a partner with Marler Clark, the Seattle law firm with a nation-wide reputation for its successful representation of victims of foodborne illness, said that this is not the first time equipment has been a contributing factor to a Salmonella outbreak. “Health Department investigators determined that a broken dish machine may have been a contributing factor to a Salmonella outbreak at a Chili’s restaurant in Vernon Hills, Illinois, last July that ultimately led to the illnesses of over 300 people,” he said. 

Stearns represents fifty victims of the Chili’s outbreak.

“This outbreak is but another reminder that constant vigilance is necessary to protect the public. Health Department inspection can only do so much. Restaurant owners much inspect themselves each and every day. As anyone who became sick in this outbreak could tell you, Salmonella infections are not fun,” Stearns added. “Victims can suffer from intense abdominal cramping, bloody diarrhea, and nausea. Many may have to be hospitalized.”

People who believe they may be infected with Salmonella can benefit by using the resources available at, a Web site that provides information on the symptoms and risks, detection, and prevention of Salmonella poisoning. 

BACKGROUND: The attorneys at Marler Clark ( have extensive experience representing victims of foodborne illness. The firm has successfully represented victims of Salmonella poisoning related to contaminated sprouts, cantaloupe, cereal, orange juice, and other foods. The firm represented victims against Sun Orchard after the company’s orange juice was tied to a Salmonella outbreak. Marler Clark also settled the claims of victims who ate Salmonella-tainted pastries at Black Forrest bakery in Clinton Township, Michigan, and represented 70 victims of Salmonella poisoning at a country club in Rochester, New York in 2002. The firm has successfully represented over 1,000 victims of Salmonella poisoning in several other states. For more information on Salmonella, visit or, sites sponsored by the Marler Clark attorneys.