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Bill Marler and other Marler Clark attorneys are often sought out as expert sources by reporters putting together stories on foodborne illness. Interviews relating to specific outbreaks are attached to the case news of each outbreak. When stories cover broader issues, they’ll be posted here.


Profile in Obsession: Bill Marler

Naomi Tomky March 24, 2015

The New Yorker - A Bug in the System - Why last night’s chicken made you sick.

A lawyer is leading the fight to keep contaminated food off the supermarket shelf.


Q&A: Food Safety Lawyer Bill Marler on What Not to Eat

Jenna Greene, The National Law Journal
November 3, 2014  


Profiles in Public Health Law: Interview with William “Bill” Marler

In this interview with CDC Public Health Law News, attorney and food safety advocate Bill Marler talks about his role in food safety since he began foodborne illness litigation in 1993.

E. Coli Hits 11 as Officials Race Against the Clock

Food safety attorney and expert Bill Marler talks to Jim Avila of ABC News about struggle a 2012 E. coli O145 outbreak that has plagued residents of Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Florida, and others.

Lawyers: Deal is close in listeria lawsuits filed against Colo farm after deadly outbreak

Food poisoning attorney, Bill Marler talks with Dan Elliot of the Associated Press on the status of his 39 lawsuits against Jensen Farms - the cantaloupe producer responsible for a Listeria outbreak that sickened at least 146 and killed 36.

Industry defends ingredient critics deride as “meat glue”

Reuters reporter James B. Kelleher uncovers the developing story of the use of “meat glue”.

Food Safety Lawyer Bill Marler On Sprouts, Raw Milk, and Why “Local” Isn’t Always Safer

Hanna Brooks Olsen talks about food safety history, local foods, and raw milk with Bill Marler in this interview for women’s health news site,


Listeria outbreak draws Seattle lawyer to battle

Associated Press writer Shannon Dininny uncovers the impact attorney Bill Marler has had on food safety.

Food-Borne Illness Attorney: Top Foods to Avoid

Bill Marler sits down with ABC News’ Neal Karlinsky to discuss the recent cantaloupe Listeria outbreak, high-risk foods, and the reality of food safety and food poisoning in the United States.

How to Keep Food Free of Salmonella: Lawsuits

In an August, 2011 Atlantic post, acclaimed food writer Barry Estabrook tells why food poisoning attorney Bill Marler may be the nation’s best bet for keeping food safe

$1.1 Million Awarded in Listeria Death Lawsuit

Don Finley of the San Antonio Express News reports that Marler Clark food poisoning attorneys have won a $1.1 million judgement on behalf of he family of an 81-year-old Seguin man who died of listeriosis during an outbreak linked to celery produced by Sangar Produce & Processing Co.

Pa. prison salmonella outbreak sickened 300

Joe Mandak of the Associated Press reports that a Salmonella outbreak has sickened at least 300 has been confirmed at federal prison in Pennsylvania. The AP first learned of the outbreak from attorneys at Marler Clark.

More Stomach-Churning Facts about the E. Coli Outbreak

In his New York Times blog, famed food writer Mark Bittman talks of his a 2 A.M. safe eating conversation with food poison attorney Bill Marler.

Bill Marler: A Personal Injury Attorney and More

Writing for the Xemplar Nicole Black examines Bill Marler’s transcendentcareer as foodborne illness litigator and food safety advocate.

Good Food Hero: Bill Marler, Food Safety Attorney

In May, 2011 online publication Good Food World chose Bill Marler as its first “Good Food Hero”.  In this piece Gail Nickel-Kailing talks food safety with Bill.

New Book Chronicles Islander Marler’s Work

Connie Mears of the Bainbride Island Review discusses the events that shaped BIll Marler’s life and the upcoming book Poisoned: The True Story of the Deadly E. coli Outbreak That Changed the Way Americans Eat about the landmark Jack in the Box E. coli outbreak.

Poisoned: The True Story of the Deadly E. coli Outbreak That Changed the Way Americans Eat

In his new book, investigative author Jeff Benedict gives a thrilling account of the events and people surrounding the 1993 Jack in Box E. coli outbreak.  Benedict shares the point of view of the Jack in the Box executives, health officials, victims, and lawyers involved. He particularly focuses on the family of a little girl who defied all odds by surviving an incredible bout with E. coli, and her maverick attorney - a young, up and coming Bill Marler.

Scholarship to honor Medway man

The attorneys of Marler Clark, The Food Safety Law Firm donated money toward a scholarship fund in honor of a Medway, Massachusetts man who died from a Listeria infection


Lawyer Bill Marler blasts Democrats Over Food Safety Legislation

Seattle Times Political Reporter Maureen O’Hagan discusses Bill Marler’s discontent with the progress of food safety legislation in late 2010.

The ‘Holy Six’ Strains of E. coli That Many Experts Fear

In this series for AOL news, investigative journalist Andrew Schneider looks into non-O157 strains of E. coli, and Bill Marler’s work to get them listed as adulterants by the USDA.  (Last of three parts)

Food-Safety Lawyer Puts His Money Where Your Mouth Is

Andrew Schneider of AOL News profiles Bill Marler’s efforts to get non-O157:H7 E. coli strains added as USDA adulterants. (Second of three parts)

USDA May Be Ready to Tackle ‘Other’ E. Coli Strains

In this series for AOL news, investigative journalist Andrew Schneider looks into non-O157 strains of E. coli, and Bill Marler’s work to get them listed as adulterants by the USDA.  (First of three parts)

Food Safety Overhaul Dies in Senate

Dave Thier interviews Bill Marler in his AOL News piece about the failure of the Senate to bring the Food Safety Modernization Act to a vote.

The fight to keep your burger safe from E. Coli

Mike Hughlett of the Minneapolis Star Tribune writes about the meat industry’s work to prevent E. coli from entering the food supply, and speaks to Bill Marler about his efforts to push the meat industry to higher standards.

Despite recalls, tainted food sometimes on shelves

Steve Mills of the Chicago Tribune speaks to Marler Clark client Ken Maxwell about being sickened by tainted food after a recall is initiated.

A slew of defective products leaves consumers with ‘recall fatigue’

Lyndsey Layton interviews Bill Marler in her Washington Post story on the numbing effect of so many recalls.

Marler vs. Gumpert: A Raw Debate About Milk

Shari Danielson of Simple, Good and Tasty engages Bill Marler and David Gumpert in and online debate about raw milk

Regulators consider broadening testing for E. coli

Shannon Dininny writes in the The Californian about the push to require testing for non-O157:H7 shiga-toxin producing E. coli, and Bill Marler’s work to make that a reality. Mike Hornick adds the Salinas perspective.

It’s Time To Overhaul Our 100 Year-Old Food Safety Laws

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand praises Marlerblog in her Huffington Post article on why Food Safety Laws need to be updated.

In E. Coli Fight, Some Strains Are Largely Ignored

William Neuman of the New York Times shines a light on the threat of non-O157 E. coli, and how Bill Marler’s study is contributing to the push to have additional serotypes listed as adulterants.

Lettuce recall: Dr. Sanjay Gupta digs deeper

Dr. Sanjay Gupta sat down with Bill Marler to talk about the outbreak of E. coli O145 in lettuce.

Failure to test for six strains of E. coli leaves gaps in nation’s food safety network

Lynne Terry reports for the Oregonian on the lack of testing for toxic stains of E. coli beyond O157, and Bill Marler’s work to change that.

‘Raw milk’ advocates, health officials step up dispute

Elizabeth Weise of USA TODAY examines the raw milk debate, spotlighting Bill Marler and Marler Clark client Kalee Prue, as well as the newly launched website.

A Clash Over Unpasteurized Milk Gets Raw

Laura Landro talks to Bill Marler for her story in the Wall Street Journal about the battle over unpasteurized milk.

Food recalls often unpublicized

Tom Lutey of the Billings Gazette interviews Bill Marler in his story about using shopper cards to alert customers who have bought recalled products.

Health issues are at heart of raw milk debate

Rick Barrett of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel interviewed Bill Marler as part of his series on the raw milk debate in Wisconsin.

Portland officer advocates food safety on son’s behalf

Lynne Terry profiles Marler Clark client Peter Hurley in the Oregonian, where he describes how his son’s illness led him to food safety advocacy.


After a Scary Year, will Food in 2010 be any Safer?

In this article for Sphere, Andrew Schneider talks to food safety experts - including Bill Marler - about the year to come.

Schools Could Learn Lessons on Food Safety

Elizabeth Weise and Peter Eisler of USA today continue their excellent series on the poor quality of school lunch fare, and get Bill Marler to weigh in.

Bill Marler: Taking on E.coli, BigAg, Raw Milk, Conspiracy Theorists, and the USDA

Shari Danielson’s in-depth interview with Bill Marler about…well, the title says it all!  (Or most of it anyway).  Published on the Simple, Good and Tasty blog.

Family’s nightmare began with secondary infection

Elizabeth Weise follows up with a family whose young child was infected with E. coli O157:H7 by playing with a child infected in the 1998 Finley Elementary outbreak in Finley, Washington.  Her story profiles Marler Clark client Faith Maxwell in USA TODAY.

Food-safety lawyer’s wish: Put me out of business

Maureen O’Hagen profiles Bill Marler in the Seattle Times, including a history of how his law firm’s specialized practice came to be.  Marler reveals his “do not eat” short list.

Two Things That Keep The Meat Industry Awake At Night - Food Safety and Bill Marler

Chuck Jolley writes on Cattlenetwork about why the meat industry doesn’t want to hear this phrase: “Hello, I’m Bill Marler and I’d like to ask you a few questions on behalf of my client.”

Bill giving FDA new powers to oversee food supply has wide support

Andy Zajac of the Los Angeles Times (and Chicago Tribune) speaks with Bill Marler in his story about the support behind S. 510, the food safety legislation in front of the Senate. 

Marler petitions USDA to declare more strains of E. coli adulterants

Amber Healy writes about Bill Marler’s petition to the USDA in Food Chemical News.  The petition is for USDA to declare additional serotypes of E. coli as adulterants. 

Larry King Live: Should Americans Ban the Burger?

Bill Marler is a guest on CNN’s Larry King Live as part of a wide-ranging discussion on meat safety.

E. coli in burger sparks meat industry controversy

Rebecca Ernst writes in the Minnesota Daily about the debate triggered by the NY Times story about Stephanie Smith

E. coli in burger sparks meat industry controversy

Rebecca Ernst writes in the Minnesota Daily about the debate triggered by the NY Times story about Stephanie Smith

Story of E. coli victim gets national attention

Kristin Marohn of the St. Cloud Times spoke to Bill Marler in her story about the nationwide response to the NYT story on Stephanie Smith and tainted meat.

Five Minutes With Bill Marler, Richard Raymond & The New Food Safety

Chuck Jolley asks Bill Marler and Richard Raymond about food safety in a Cattlenetwork point/counterpoint interview.

Bagged salad safety: Rising threat of food-borne illness lurks in convenient packages of leafy green

Steve Mills of the Chicago Tribune interviews Bill Marler in his in-depth story on leafy greens and foodborne illness

E. Coli Path Shows Flaws in Ground Beef Inspection

Michael Moss traces back the Cargill tainted beef that sickened dance instructor Stephanie Smith, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down after her E. coli infection.  Bill Marler comments on his client, the process, and the E. coli trail.

Hungry for Change

Kristin Choo’s in-depth article on pending changes in food safety regulation for the ABA Journal quotes Bill Marler and other food safety luminaries.

The Kickass Bill Marler Says Food Safety Reform Will Lower Health Care Costs

Jill Richardson of La Vida Locavore Interviews Bill Marler on the Connection Between Health Care Reform and Food Safety

This Woman Might Die From Eating Cookie Dough: Severe Case Gives Context to Issue of Food Safety

Lyndsey Layton of the Washington Post profiles Marler Clark client Linda Rivera and her struggles to stay alive after eating E. coli-tainted cookie Dough.

College Discourse Over Food Safety, Courtesy of Bainbridge Lawyer

Tristan Baurick writes in the Kitsap Sun about Bill Marler’s contribution to bringing Michael Pollan to Washington State University.

The Science of Salmonella

Karen Kaplan of the Los Angeles Times writes about Salmonella in our environment, and quotes Bill Marler in her story.

Making Sense of Food Safety Regulation

Karen Kaplan of the Los Angeles Times reviews some of the commentary on the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009, including Bill Marler’s blog.

Two Agencies Take Steps to Improve Food Safety

William Newman of the New York Times quotes Bill Marler in his story on changes in testing at the USDA and FDA.

House OKs bill to tighten food growing, processing

Phil Brasher of the Des Moines Register writes about the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 as it passed the House, with comments from Bill Marler.

Crops, Ponds Destroyed in Quest for Food Safety

Carolyn Lochhead of the San Francisco Chronicle interviews Bill Marler as part of her story on the difficult balance between food safety and environmental concerns.

Administration Urged to Boost Food Safety Efforts

Ed O’Keefe and Jane Black of the Washington Post quote Bill Marler in this article about the Food Safety Working Group’s steps toward better food safety in the US.

When Food Sickens, He Heads for Courthouse

Matt McKinney of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune writes that with outbreaks of food poisoning becoming more and more common, Bill Marler is in high demand.

Appetite Lost for “Omnivore’s Dilemma” at WSU

Jerry Large of the Seattle Times talks to Bill Marler about bringing author Michael Pollan to Washington State University

Getting the Word out to Consumers about Recalls

MSNBC‘s “Consumer Man”, Herb Weisbaum, explores how stores can do a better job getting the word out about tainted food, using Bill Marler’s experience with the Peter Pan peanut butter outbreak as an example of the broken system.

Food Companies Are Placing the Onus for Safety on Consumers

Michael Moss of the New York Times explores the ConAgra pot pie Salmonella outbreak and recall, using it as an example of how much responsibility food manufacturers expect the consumer to shoulder.  The front-page story contains an interview with a Marler Clark client whose child was sickened by the pot pies.

Salmonella outbreak prompts demands for more scrutiny of food processing plants

Patricia Guthrie quotes Bill Marler in her article for the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Outbreaks Put Worry on the Table

The New York Times’ Andrew Martin and Gardiner Harris interview food safety experts (including Bill Marler) and several Marler Clark clients who were victims of foodborne illness.

Needed: Tort Lawyers

Forbes Co-Editor William Baldwin talks to Bill Marler about Food Safety, Technology, and the role of lawsuits in getting businesses to follow the rules.

What’s Next: The Plaintiff’s Perspective - Bill Marler on Looming Food Supply Crises

Each week Bulletproof Blog interviews top plaintiffs’ attorneys for their perspective on the crises likely to affect businesses in the near future. In this issue, Larry Smith talks to Bill Marler.

Bill Marler, Food Safety Litigator

Culinate‘s Miriam Wolf interviews Bill Marler about food safety, raw milk, local food, and feeding a family when you know too much about what can go wrong.

A Homer Simpson Moment - CDC Says U.S. Food Safety No Longer Improving

Chuck Jolley of the Cattle Network includes Bill Marler in his story on the state of food safety in the US, challenging the statement that we “have the safest food supply in the world”.

Salmonella outbreaks lead to food-safety changes

Elizabeth Weise of USA Today quotes Bill Marler on the latest food safety recall - pistachios, and the changes coming to the nut industries.

Peanut Butter Provocateur

Jill Watanabe of Seattle Metropolitan Magazine spotlights Bill Marler’s work on the Peanut Butter salmonella outbreak in the April, 2009 issue.

Safety Rules Burden Smaller Farmers

The “Dean of Agricultural reporters”, Phil Brasher of the Des Moines Register, interviews Bill Marler in conjunction with the food safety legislation moving through Congress.

Judge Rules Almonds Must Be Pasteurized

San Francisco Chronicle writer George Raine quotes Bill Marler in his story on the legal battle around almond regulations.

Attorney:  Food Producers Need More Oversight

Kirsti Marohn of the St. Cloud Times speaks to Bill Marler about what the Government can do to improve food safety oversight.

Troubled peanut firm has filed for bankruptcy

Bill Marler is quoted by Nick Miroff and Lyndsey Layton of The Washington Post in their story on the bankruptcy of Peanut Corporation of America

Five Minutes with Bill Marler, Well Known Lawyer and Food Safety Activist

Chuck Jolley of Cattlenetwork ‘prods’ Bill Marler on two topics.  To quote Chuck: “1) What the hell is going on (with food safety) and 2) what will be the effects on the cattle industry?”

Truth-O-Meter: Congresswoman’s portrait of a toothless FDA is correct

PolitiFact’s Truth-O-Meter quotes Bill Marler in a piece about Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro’s (D-CT) assessment of the current state of the FDA

Peanut Product Recall Took Company Approval

In his in-depth article on the mechanism of the PCA recall, Gardiner Harris of the New York Times quotes President Obama, Representative Rosa DeLauro, the VP of Costco, one of the victims of the Salmonella outbreak, and Bill Marler.

FDA: Avoid Peanut Butter Products

Bill Marler’s call for the FDA to widen the peanut butter recalls appears in Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar’s article for the Associated Press

Looking to Obama to Bring Logic to Food Safety

Andrew Martin of the New York Times quotes Bill Marler in his article on Food Regulation Agencies

Minimum Processes, Maximum Hurdles

In a story on the difficulties of keeping minimally processed foods safe, Food Engineering Magazine Senior Editor Kevin Higgins talks to Bill Marler about Bill’s experiences with the 2006 spinach outbreak.


What Raw Milk and the Economic Meltdown Have in Common

David Gumpert quotes Bill Marler in his article in The Nation, reprinted in the San Francisco Chronicle

Lettuce distributor won’t reveal supplier of E. coli-tainted greens

Bill Marler is quoted in an article in the Californian about Aunt Mid’s Produce not naming their lettuce supplier.

ABC News Beijing

Reporter Stephanie Sy interviews Bill Marler about the melamine-tainted milk crisis in China.

Seattle food contamination expert in China as tainted milk sickens thousands of kids

Patricia Guthrie’s Seattle Health Examiner article on Bill Marler in China during the Melamine crisis

Food Safety’s Dirty Little Secret

Kent Garber quotes Bill Marler in his US News & World Report article

Long-Term Ills Tied to Bad Food

Annys Shin quotes Bill Marler in her Washington Post article on long-term health issues related to food poisoning

California Closer to Raw Milk Reform

Bill Marler is quoted in the Central Valley Business Times’ article on the progress of SB201 through the California Legislature.

Irradiation step doesn’t quiet debate on FDA moves

Bill Marler is quoted in Stephen Hedges’ Chicago Tribune article on Irradiation

Food Safety Advocate wants veto of California bill

Ag Weekly‘s article on Bill Marler’s opposition to SB201, the raw milk bill in front of the California State Legislature

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