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Public Policy

Bill Marler is a strong voice for food safety, advocating changes in regulation and policy that will improve the food supply in the US and abroad. These calls for reform are collected here.


Serving up Trouble

Bill Marler’s article in TRIAL Magazine on the complex process of proving a foodborne illness claim, using the outbreak of E. coli in spinach as an example.


California State Bill 201 - Raw Milk

Bill Marler urges California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to veto proposed Raw Milk legislation, and details the flaws in the existing bill.

Food Safety Advocate William Marler Calls for Public Meat Inspection Records

Bill Marler’s call to the FSIS to make it easier for the public to access meat inspection information

Food Safety in the United States

Bill Marler’s letter to Congress about the dramatic rise in foodborne illness and what can be done

Bill Marler’s Congressional Testimony on Food Safety

Transcript of Bill Marler’s testimony before the US House Committee on Energy and Commerce

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