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The Opinion Editorials of Marler Clark attorneys write regularly for OpEd pages around the country. Those pieces are collected here.


Trouble with Imports: Why the Tempeh Salmonella Outbreak is a larger Problem

In an Op-ed published in the Asheville Citzen-Times and Food Safety News, William Marler discusses the rise in imported foods and food safety


Why Seattle Should Require Paid Sick Days

Seattle Food poisoning attorney Bill Marler wrote a June, 2011 editorial piece for the Puget Sound Business Journal. In it he explains why The City of Seattle should pass legislation mandating that service workers receive paid sick days. 

What’s the “Future of Food” Without Food Safety?

In an op-ed published on both Food Safety News and The Huffington Post, attorney Bill Marler sounds off on the lack of substantial food safety discussion in the locavore movement, specifically at the 2011 Future of Food Conference


New Foodborne Illness Numbers Show Scientific Progress, Not Industry Success

In his Huffington Post Op-Ed, Bill Marler discusses the impact of the newly released 2010 CDC foodborne illness statistics.

Get Food Safety Done!  Once the GOP is in the Kitchen, Food Safety is Toast.

Over the last two years, food producers large and small, consumer and public health groups, and Congressional leaders have come together to support legislation that would bring the most significant update to food safety laws in seven decades.  To the chagrin of everyone who worked hard to get S. 510, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (and the Tester/Hagen Amendment), passed out of the Senate Monday, the bill is now facing a significant uphill battle.

What if I had a food safety magic wand?

In Bill Marler’s Op-Ed for the Huffington Post, he lists the changes he would make with his food safety ‘Magic Wand’.

Santa Does Not Exist and Neither Does Bi-Partisanship in Congress

Bill Marler’s Op-Ed in the Huffington Post on the roadblock in Washington and its effect on Food Safety Legislation pending in Congress

Benefits of raw milk are anecdotal, but the dangers are terrible

Bill Marler’s Op-Ed on raw milk ran on MPR on June 1, 2010. 

If There Was an USDA Undersecretary for Food Safety, This is What They Should Be Doing

Bill Marler’s OpEd about the (still vacant) post of Under Secretary for Food Safety appeared in the Huffington Post on January 20, 2010.


Real Health Care Reform Requires Safe Food

On the eve of President Obama’s address on Health Care Reform, Reuters publishes Bill Marler’s Opinion Editorial on the connection between Heath Care and Food Safety.

Another View: Ways to make Food Industry safer

Bill Marler’s OpEd on improving food safety in the US was included in the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s editorial Focus on Food Safety

Do We Need A Department of Food?

The New York Times Blog “Room for Debate” solicited Op-Ed content from voices in Food Safety, including Bill Marler


Compensation arrangements in China milk crisis do not ensure improved product safe

Bill Marler was invited by THE JURIST to comment on the topic of Chinese Contaminated Milk.  The piece appeared on December 31, 2008

Who Does the USDA Really Protect When It Comes to Deadly E. coli?

Denis Stearns’ OpEd on loopholes in the USDA E. coli regulation

The Good Old 90’s, When Food Was Safe to Eat

Bill Marler’s OpEd on the comeback of E. coli

E. coli’s Comeback: What’s Up With That?

Bill Marler’s OpEd for Meatingplace Magazine

Tainted Food: How To Combat Food Poisoning in the United States

Bill Marler’s OpEd published in the Omaha World Herald on July 11, 2008

How to Fight Food Poisoning in the United States

OpEd by Bill Marler published in the Seattle Post Intelligencer

Raw Milk: An Idea Gone Sour

Bill Marler’s OpEd on the dangers of raw milk


Four Steps to Safer Food

Bill Marler’s OpEd, published in the Denver Post at the height of the massive ConAgra E.coli beef recall and outbreak, urges Government and Industry to put him out of business, then outlines how.

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