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2009 Events & Speaking Engagements

Marler Clark regularly presents at meetings and annual education conferences for food industry groups, environmental health associations, and FDA-sponsored Regional Retail Food Seminars. Contact Leslie Dale at (206) 407-2204 or to request a speaker for an upcoming event.

Drew Falkenstein at American Association for Justice (AAJ) Weekend with the Stars


Drew Falkenstein traveled to New York City to present to American Association for Justice at their Weekend with the Stars event.

Bill Marler with the Government Accountability Project


Bill Marler will be the luncheon speaker at a day-long symposium presented by the Government Accountability Project (GAP) on the topic of “Empowering Employees to Protect Food Integrity.”  The event will be held at the American College of Law in Washington, DC.

Colin Caywood at Good Agricultural Practices and Northwest Organic Food Summit


Colin Caywood will be addressing Legal Perspectives on Food Safety at the NW Organic Farm Food Safety Summit in Portland, OR.

Managing Partner Bill Marler at CIFSQ - China International Food Safety and Quality Conference


Bill Marler will return to Beijing as a keynote speaker and sponsor at the China International Food Safety and Quality Conference (CIFSQ)

Foodsafety Legal Team at FDA Southeast Regional Meeting


Bruce Clark, Patti Waller, and Debbie Carr will travel to Myrtle Beach, SC for the SE regional meeting of the FDA.

Attorney Denis Stearns at the 4th Annual Food HACCP Conference


Denis Stearns will be addressing the 4th Annual International Food HACCP Conference in Redondo Beach, CA

Epidemiologist Patti Waller Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals


Patti Waller will be in Baton Rouge to address the annual educational conference for Louisiana sanitarians. 

Drew Falkenstein at the North Dakota Environmental Health Association Annual Meeting


Drew Falkenstein will return to North Dakota to speak at the annual EHA meeting, being held this year in Fargo.

Food Safety Lawyer Bill Marler at ACI Forum on Foodborne Illness Litigation


Bill Marler will co-chair the 3rd National ACI Forum on Foodborne Illness Litigation with Alan Maxwell.  The conference is being held in Chicago, IL.

Denis Stearns Guest Lecturing in the University of Southern California Regulatory Science Course


Denis Stearns will be the guest lecturer at USC Regulatory Science Course: Medical Products and the Law

Bruce Clark at British Columbia Food Protection Association Annual Conference


Bruce Clark will deliver the keynote speech to the 10th Annual BC Food Protection Association Conference in Vancouver.

Bruce Clark at Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC)


Bruce Clark will be in Boston, MA to address the ACC on “Ensuring Safety and Quality of Products Manufactured in China”.

Denis Stearns on the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association (GMA) Webinar


Denis Stearns will be a featured speaker on the GMA webinar on Emerging Issues in Food Litigation.

Attorney Bruce Clark in the Children’s Products Litigation Seminar


Bruce Clark will take part in an online CLE on Children’s Products Litigation.

Attorney Drew Falkenstien at the Oregon Environmental Health Association Annual Training Conference


Drew Falkenstein will present to the Oregon EHA Annual Training Conference being held in Lincoln City, OR.

Bruce Clark Kenote at NEHA Region 4 Environmental Health Conference


Bruce Clark will give the keynote presentation to the Annual Environmental Health Conference for NEHA, Region 4.

Food Safety Attorney Bill Marler at the American Insurance Association


Bill Marler travels to Washington, DC to address the Liability Claims Subcommittee Meeting of the AIA.

Epidemiologist Patti Waller addresses FDA Retail Food Seminar


Patti Waller will present to the FDA Retail Food Seminar in Atlanta, GA.

Managing Partner Bill Marler Guest Lectures at University of Arkansas School of Agricultural Law


Bill Marler will be a guest lecturer at the University of Arkansas School of Agricultural Law in Fayetteville, AK.

Food Safety Lawyer Denis Stearns at FSIS Stakeholders - The Process and the Impact


Denis Stearns will travel to Washington DC to address USDA District Managers on the topic of Adulteration Standards.  The session he is taking part in is titled “FSIS’ Actions in the Judicial Branch”.

Colin Caywood at the Safety of Northwest Produce Conference


Colin Caywood will be in Wenatchee, WA to present to tree fruit producers of Washington.

David Babcock at the Nevada Environmental Health Association Annual Meeting


David Babcock will be in Las Vegas, NV to address the annual meeting of the Nevada Environmental Health Association. 

Bill Marler at the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Conference on Raw Milk


Bill Marler will speak to the AVMA on the history and legal issues of raw milk. He will also participate in a panel discussion on raw milk.

Attorney David Babcock at the Almond Board of California


David Babcock will be addressing the annual Food Quality and Safety Symposium for the Almond Board of California in Lodi, CA.

Food Safety Legal Team at National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) Annual Education Meeting


Bill Marler and Patti Waller will travel to Atlanta and present a mock deposition of a restaurant inspector for the Annual NEHA conference.  Bill Marler will also take part in the Food Safety Summit.

Managing partner Bill Marler at the American College of Trial Lawyers (ACTL)


Bill Marler will be traveling to Minneapolis, MN for the ACTL conference.

Food Safety Lawyer Bill Marler in the WSTLA SeminarWeb program


Bill Marler will take part in the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association SeminarWeb program, presenting “Separating the Chaff from the Wheat: How to Determine the Strength of a Foodborne Illness Claim” online.

British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) Conference on Law of Food and Drink


Denis Stearns will be in London on June 11 for the 2009 BIICL conference on the Law of Food and Drink.  He will present “Current Approaches to Proof of Defect in US Food Cases.”

Bill Marler at the IFT Annual Scientific Program


Bill Marler will travel to Anaheim to take part in a session titled “Irradiation of Fresh Produce: Commercial Application”

Attorney Bill Marler at the Excess Surplus Lines Claims Association (ESLCA)


Bill Marler will be in New York, NY to take part in a panel on Food Liability Claims for the ESLCA.

Stearns at AFHVS-ASFS Conference: Informing Possibilities for the Future of Food and Agriculture


Denis Stearns will be speaking at the 2009 annual joint conference of AFHVS (Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society) and ASFS (the Association for the Study of Food and Science) at Penn State University, State College, Pennsylvania.

Food Safety Attorny Bill Marler at the Royal Institute of Public Health, London E. coli Conference


Bill Marler travels back to the UK to present at the Royal Institute of Public Health E. coli Conference.

Managing Partner Bill Marler and Epidemiologist at the VTEC E. coli Conference 2009


Bruce Clark and Patti Waller will travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina for VTEC 2009.  They will present a poster on non-O157:H7 STEC E. coli.

Food Safety Lawyer Drew Falkenstein at Northeast Food And Drug Officials (NEFDOA)


Drew Falkenstein will address the NEFDOA at their 2009 conference in Burlington, VT.

Denis Stearns at the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association Food Borne Illness Litigation Conference


Denis Stearns will travel to New Orleans to address the GMA.  His topic will be “Lessons Learned From Recent Outbreaks and Recalls”.

Bill Marler Kenote at the Conference of the Candian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (CIPHI)


Bill Marler will present a keynote address at the 75th Annual conference of CIPHI, being held in Kananaskis, Alberta.

Food Safety Attorney Andy Weisbecker at Nebraska Governor’s Conference on Food Safety


Andy Weisbecker will travel to Lincoln, NE for the Governor’s Conference on Food Safety.  This year’s conference will focus on E. coli.

Food Safety Legal Team at California Environmental Health Conference Annual Education Symposium


Patti Waller and Colin Caywood will travel to the California Environmental Health Association’s AES in Monterey

Colin Caywood at Washington State Hospital Food Service Providers


Colin Caywood will address the monthly gathering of the Washington State Hospital Food Service Providers.

Attorney Drew Falkenstein at Virginia Department of Health, Virginia Food Safety Task Force


Drew Falkenstein will be traveling to Richmond Virginia to take part in the Virginia Department of Health’s Food Safety Task Force Seminar.

Food Saftey Lawyer Denis Stearns at the Fresh & Easy Technical Summit


Denis Stearns will travel to Manhattan Beach, CA to address the Fresh & Easy Technical Summit.

Managing Partner Bill Marler at the GMA Food Claims & Litigation Conference


Bill Marler travels to Rancho Mirage to the conference, which is focused on Emerging Issues in Food-Related Litigation

Food Safety Litigator Bill Marler at the National Meat Association (NMA) Meatxpo


Bill Marler travels to Las Vegas to take part in a roundtable discussion on the FSIS.

Bruce Clark at the International Association for Food Protection’s Raw Milk Symposium


Bruce Clark will speak on the topic “A Legal Perspective on Raw Milk Consumption” as part of the IAFP Symposium titled “Raw Milk Consumption: Emerging Public Health Threat?”

Food Safety Lawyer Bill Marler at the Alliance for Justice Screening and Panel Discussion


Bill Marler will take part in a panel discussion following the film Denied? The Fight for Corporate Accountability.   The event is taking place here in Seattle.

Drew Falkenstien at the Virginia Tech Food Service Employees Meeting


Drew Falkenstein will travel to Blacksburg VA to address the Dining Service Employees of Virginia Tech.

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