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2006 Events & Speaking Engagements

Marler Clark regularly presents at meetings and annual education conferences for food industry groups, environmental health associations, and FDA-sponsored Regional Retail Food Seminars. Contact Leslie Dale at (206) 407-2204 or to request a speaker for an upcoming event.

Food Safety Lawyer Babcock at National Business Institute Continuing Legal Education


Marler Clark associate attorney Dave Babcock spoke at the NBI’s seminar titled, “Plaintiff’s Personal Injury: Practice Tips and Application” on December 7, 2006 in Tacoma, Washington. His presentation focused on preparing evidence prior to trial.

Marler Speaks at the Defense Research Institute


Bill Marler gave a joint presentation on what impacts the value of foodborne illness cases at the Defense Research Institute’s “Food Liability - New Issues, New Strategies” conference during a seminar titled, “What are these cases worth? A survey of settlements and verdicts.” His co-presenter was David J. Herman, Esq., Sr. Director of Claims, Senior Counsel GMA/FPA.

MarlerClark Managing Partner Bill Marler at the Conference


Bill Marler presented at the first international conference to be held by - Detection Methods for Food Safety and Quality. His speech focused on liability for foodborne illness.

Marler Clark sponsored the conference.

Bill Marler at the Food Law & Regulation Conference


Bill Marler gave a presentation titled, “Examining Best Practice in Cases of Legal Liability - Responding to Cases of Foodborne Illness” in Chicago at Food Chemical News’ Food Law & Regulation Conference, with this year’s theme Looking Ahead to the Future of Food Policy.

Food Safety Attorney Bill Marler at the Milwaukee North Shore Rotary


Bill Marler attended the Milwaukee North Shore Rotary meeting on October 23, and gave a presentation on foodborne illness while sharing his insight into litigating foodborne illness cases. The meeting was held at Pandl’s in Bayside.

Denis Stearns Guest Lecutrer at University of Southern California “Medical Products and the Law”


Denis Stearns gave a presentation on “Food Law, Litigation, and Class Actions” for the USC Regulatory Science Course: “Medical Products and the Law.” His presentation included case studies and an explanation of legal concepts.

Bill Marler Speaks at the Food Safety Forum


Bill Marler spoke at Outbreak Response, a forum held at the Toronto Marriott hotel at the airport. His speech was part of a food safety forum that addressed issues surrounding produce-related E. coli outbreaks. Mr. Marler’s presentation was titled “Liability and Risk,” and focused on what the leafy produce industry knew before the latest E. coli O157:H7 outbreak that was traced to contaminated spinach produced by Natural Selections of Salinas, California. He also addressed such legal concepts as strict liability, negligence, punitive damages, and causation as they apply in the US justice system and how these concepts apply to legal claims brought by individuals injured in foodborne illness outbreaks.

Food Safety Lawyer Dave Babcock at the Michigan Environmental Health Association


Dave Babcock attended the Michigan Environmental Health Association Food Conference on Mackinac Island, Michigan, and presented on the liability of environmental health associations for alleged negligent inspections.

Dave Babcock at the North Central Association of Food and Drug Officials


Dave Babcock gave a presentation titled, “Foodborne Illness CSI: Cracking the Legal Code” at the NCAFDO annual education conference held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Attorney Drew Falkenstein at the Oklahoma Department of Health Fall Meeting


Drew Falkenstein was the keynote speaker at the Oklahoma Department of Health’s Fall Meeting in Stillwater, Oklahoma. He presented on two topics: “Sources of Liability that May Apply to Regulators Conducting Inspections and Epidemiological Investigations” and “Liability of Environmental Health Agencies for Alleged Negligent Inspections.”

Food Safety Attorney Denis Stearns at the Washington State Public Health Association


Denis Stearns presented on restaurant operator liability for foodborne illness outbreaks and legal liability of environmental health agencies for failure to prevent outbreaks, and Bill Marler presented on health risks associated with petting zoos at the WSPHA’s conference, “Health Across the Generations: Demonstrating the Value of Public Health.”

Manacing Partner Bill Marler at the California State Senate Committee on Governmental Organization


Bill Marler was invited to participate in an informational hearing organized by the California State Senate Governmental organization Committee : “Unraveling the E. coli Outbreak: Are State Emergency Response Systems Prepared for Outbreaks of Foodborne Illness?”

Attorney Dave Babcock at the Food and Drug Association (FDA)


Dave Babcock participated in a panel discussion on liability related to foodborne illness on September 29, 2006, in Denver, Colorado. The panel was part of the FDA’s Food Safety Education Conference.

Food and Drug Association (FDA)


Patti Waller was invited to present on the topic of using health department data in foodborne illness outbreak litigation at the 2006 FDA SE Region Food Safety Seminar in New Orleans in September, 2006.

Marler Presents at the International Association for Food Protection


Bill Marler gave three presentations at the 93rd annual meeting for IAFP in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Bill presented during a session titled, “Making Foods Safer: How Outbreaks Can Influence Change,” on the topic of whether litigation helps food safety in the United States; during a mini-symposium on raw milk consumption, where he addressed legal issues regarding the sale of raw milk; and during a session titled, “International Food Law - A Global Overview,” on the topic of key food safety legislation and enforcement practices in the United States.

Food Safety Attorney Stearns at the National Environmental Health Association


Denis Stearns presented at the National Environmental Health Association’s 70th Annual Education Conference & Exhibition. His topic was “Economic Incentives for Improved Food Safety: Seeking Reimbursement of Public Expenditures Caused by Foodborne Illness Outbreaks.”

Food Safety Advocate Bill Marler at the Association of Food and Drug Officials


Bill Marler spoke at the 110th Annual AFDO Education Conference in Albany, New York, on the topic of “Focus on Food Safety - Distinguishing Between Legitimate and Illegitimate Claims of Food Poisoning.”

Bill Marler at the Central Atlantic States Association of Food and Drug Officials


Bill Marler presented on a victim’s and plaintiff’s view of foodborne illness outbreak litigation to public health officials at the CASA meeting, held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. His speech was titled, “Foodborne Illness CSI: Cracking the Legal Code.”

Epidemiologist Patti Waller at the Western Region Epidemiology Network


Patti Waller presented on “Responding to Public Records Requests: A Report of How Health Agencies Are Doing” at the Western Regional Epidemiology Network (WREN) conference in Ashland, Oregon.

Patti Waller at the Rocky Mountain Food Safety Conference


Patti Waller gave a speech titled, “Using Health Department Data in Foodborne Illness Litigation” at the 34th annual Rocky Mountain Food Safety Conference in Arvada, Colorado.

Food Safety Lawer at the 4th Annual Animal Law CLE


Dave Babcock discussed E. coli O157:H7 litigation and the as-yet improbability of Mad Cow Disease litigation in a presentation for the Washington State Bar Association.

Food Safety Legal Team at the Nebraska Environmental Health Association


Bruce Clark and Patti Waller presented on the Legal Aspects of Food Safety at the Nebraska Environmental Health Association’s annual meeting, held in Lincoln.

Drew Falkenstein Guest Lectures at Seattle Central Community College


Drew Falkenstein presented on food safety and legal liability for foodborne illness outbreaks for the Seattle Culinary Academy of Seattle Central Community College.

Bill Marler at the New Jersey Environmental Health Association


Bill Marler presented on the “Legal Liability of Environmental Health Professionals for Alleged Negligent Inspections” and “How Health Department Data are Used in Foodborne Illness Litigation” at the NJEHA 3rd Annual Educational Conference in Atlantic City.

Food Safety Advocate Bill Marler at Canadian Food Safety Forum ‘06


Bill Marler presented at Canada’s national food safety conference, held in Toronto, Ontario. His presentation focused on the consequences of foodborne illness, and was titled, “Protecting Consumers and Promoting a culture of food safety.” He also discussed whether litigation helps promote a culture of food safety.

Managing Partner Bill Marler at a Packaging Group Meeting


Bill Marler presented at a one day meeting, “E. coli 2007: Understanding, Detecting, and Preventing,” to be held in Jamesburg, NJ at the Forsgate Country Club. His presentation was titled, “E. coli Outbreaks in Fresh Produce: Who has legal responsibility?”

Marler Presents at the World Ag Expo 2006


Bill Marler was the keynote speaker on a day dedicated to food safety at the largest agricultural exposition in the world. His presentation focused on the topic of: “Will Food Safety Put Your Ag Operation at Risk?,” with an emphasis on why growers should be concerned about food safety. Bill also participated in a panel discussion.

Food Safety Lawyer Bill Marler Guest Lectures at University of Minnesota School of Public Health


Bill Marler toured the Acute Disease Epidemiology and PFGE Laboratory at the Minnesota Department of Health before presenting to the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine class titled “Public Health Issues, Veterinary Medicine Opportunities” on whether litigation helps with food safety issues.

Attorney Bill Marler at the National Restaurant Association Meeting


Bill Marler spoke at a meeting of the NRA Risk and Safety Executive Group on the topic of minimizing liability risks and foodborne illness lawsuits, and also on strict liability. The meeting was held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Food Safety Lawyer Bill Marler at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Virginia Tech


Bill Marler presented to the Food Service department at Virginia Tech University on the importance of food safety. He will include case studies and discussed foodborne illness outbreak-related litigation.

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