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2005 Events & Speaking Engagements

Marler Clark regularly presents at meetings and annual education conferences for food industry groups, environmental health associations, and FDA-sponsored Regional Retail Food Seminars. Contact Leslie Dale at (206) 407-2204 or to request a speaker for an upcoming event.

Bruce Clark, Food Safety Lawyer, Presents to Mealey’s and Lexis-Nexis


Bruce Clark participated in the Mealey’s Foodborne Illness Liability Teleconference, in which he discussed techniques for settling and litigating foodborne illness cases, dealing with class action litigation and negative publicity, and regulatory and legislative efforts that affect food liability cases.

Attorney Denis Stearns at the Greater New York Chapter of Healthcare Food Service Administrators


Denis Stearns gave a presentation on strict liability related to food service at a meeting of the Greater New York Chapter of Healthcare Food Service Administrators in New York, New York.

Food Safety Lawyer Bruce Clark at the British Columbia Food Protection Association


Bruce Clark gave the keynote address at the BCFPA Food Safety Conference in Surrey, British Columbia. His presentation was based on, “Minimizing Your Liability Risks and Foodborne Illness Lawsuits.”

Food Safety Legal Team at the New Mexico Environmental Health Association


Drew Falkenstein and Patti Waller presented on, “The Legal Basis of Foodborne Illness Litigation” and “Separating the Chaff from the Wheat: How Health Department Data are Used in Foodborne Illness Litigation,” respectively, at the NMEHA Annual Education Conference, held in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Managing Partner Bill Marler at the Washington State Fair Association


Bill Marler delivered a speech on fair and petting zoo liability for outbreaks of E. coli and other pathogenic bacteria outbreaks at the annual Washington State Fair Association conference in Yakima, Washington.

Bill Marler Presents to Mealey’s and Lexis-Nexis


Bill Marler presented at the Mealey’s Foodborne Illness Liability Teleconference in Las Vegas, Nevada on the topic of “Liability Issues Relating to the Sale of Food and Beverage.”

Food Safety Attorney Bruce Clark at the Maryland Dietary Managers Association


Bruce Clark was a special guest speaker when he presented on the “Implications of Foodborne Outbreaks” at the annual meeting for the Maryland Dietary Managers Association in Ocean City, Maryland.

Wyoming Environ. Health Assn., WY Food Safety Coal., WY Public Health Assn. & WY bio-terrorism group


Bill Marler presented the keynote address on “Foodborne Illness from a Victim’s Perspective” for the Annual Education conference. He also presented another session on “Liability of Environmental Health Agencies for Alleged Negligent Inspections.”

Food Safety Advocate Bill Marler Presents to Hy-Vee Kitchen Department


Bill Marler’s address at a company-wide Kitchen department meeting for Hy-Vee focused on educating kitchen managers and workers about liability as a food service establishment. The meeting was held at the Hy-Vee headquarters, in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Managing Partner Bill Marler at the Steritech Food Safety Horizons Conference


Bill Marler gave a keynote address on the subject of “Focusing on what’s Important to Food Safety” at the Steritech Food Safety Horizons 2005 conference in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Foodborne Pathogen Epidemiologist Patti Waller at the International Association for Food Protection


Patti Waller presented on “Foodborne Illness Litigation and How to Avoid It” during the Risk Assessment session at the IAFP Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland.

Marler Guest Lectures at the University of Washington “Intro to Law” Course


Bill Marler presented to an “Intro to Law” class at the University of Washington on the legal implications of foodborne illness. He emphasized his point by presenting a case study.

Food Safety Lawyer Babcock at School Nutrition Association, American School Food Service Association


Dave Babcock presented at the School Nutrition Association’s Annual National Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, with representatives from the Handwashing Leadership Forum. Dave led two workshop sessions, covering legal implications, trends, and case studies that involved school food poisonings.

Food Safety Advocate Bill Marler Guest Lecutres at the University of Guelph


Bill Marler presented on the topic of, “Food Safety in the States - Does Litigation Help?” at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada for the Food Safety Network. He discussed why processors, ingredient suppliers, restaurant operators, and other operations involved in the food chain need to understand the legal consequences and dangers of foodborne illness linked to their products.

Food Safety Lawyer Bill Mareler at the Defense Research Institute


Bill Marler spoke for DRI at their Food Liability - Law, Science, and Risk Management conference in St. Louis, Missouri. His presentation focused on the plaintiff’s perspective in foodborne illness litigation, and was based on his paper, “Separating the Chaff from the Wheat: How to determine the strength of a foodborne illness claim.”

Bill Marler at the Institute for Supply Management


Bill Marler presented on “Understanding Liability in the Food Industry” for a workshop at the Spring Conference for Hospitality Supply Chain Management in Chicago, Illinois.

Food Safety Attorney Bill Marler Kenote Speaker at PulseNet Meeting


Bill Marler delivered the keynote address to kick off the 9th annual PulseNet Update Meeting and Foodborne Epidemiologists Meeting held in Seattle, Washington. His speech was titled, “Foodborne Illness CSI: Cracking the Legal Code.”

Attorney Denis Stearns at the Washington State Environmental Health Association


Denis Stearns presented at the WSEHA’s 60th Annual Education Conference on the legal basis for food establishment operator responsibility and liability in foodborne illness outbreaks, and sources of liability that may apply to regulators conducting inspections and epidemiological investigations. The conference was held in Spokane, Washington.

Denis Stearns Presents at the National Restaurant Association Meeting


Denis Stearns delivered a presentation titled, “Some new things to keep you up at night: Greedy managers, sick employees, and crappy produce,” at the NRA’s Quality Assurance Meeting in Washington, DC.

Food Safety Lawyer Bruce Clark at the Southwest Food Safety Summit


Bruce Clark presented on Liability of Environmental Health Agencies for Alleged negligent Inspections and Minimizing Your Liability risks and Foodborne Illness Lawsuits in the Retail Food Industry at the Southwest Food Safety Summit, held in Laughlin, Nevada.

Marler Presents at the National Food Processors Association 2005 Meeting


Bill Marler presented on strict liability for the manufacture and sale of adulterated food products at the NFPA’s Food Claims and Litigation Conference, held in Ojai, California. He discussed the importance of evaluating claims fairly, and told food processors that their focus should be on preventing contamination of their products with foodborne pathogens.

Bill Marler, Food Safety Lawyer, at a Seattle Food Service Administrators Meeting


Bill Marler presented at a meeting of the Seattle Food Service Administrators, a group made up mostly of hospital food service directors, on the topic of Strict Liability for Food Service. The presentation was part of a monthly meeting held by the Seattle Food Service Administrators.

Bill Marler Speaks at an Economic Research Service Meeting


Bill Marler participated in a roundtable put on by the ERS, USDA, and the Risk Management and Decision Process Center from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. The roundtable was designed to bring together players from industry and consumer groups so they could learn about food safety, insurance, and third parties.

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